Building the Digital Core


Industry 4.0 – How it affects your business ?

We use Rich Data in our daily lives to enhance our decision making, saving time and money.

Think of the impact of the following – Google maps transit information, Uber connecting to available cabs, Amazon marketplace for shopping, Ordering grocery online etc.


While not every organization may be ready for Big Data most can use Rich Data to their advantage. Think of the benefits if you can convert your Organizational data to Rich Data.



What do you do when complexity of doing business increases ?

All successful businesses use data for decision making. The standard ones being,

  • Annual Results
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Pricing
  • Market Trends
  • Operational Performance


Today with the rise in complexity the old methods no longer bring results. Leadership teams are augmenting their industry experience with Rich Data from Business Analytics.

The Agility360 Advantage

Our team has worked with Industry leaders to deliver the best Business Analytics solutions.

Points to consider when thinking of implementing a solution,

  • Does the Business Analytics design deliver insights and beyond ?
  • Are you able to implement with quality in a short time ?
  • Is Company Data access controlled even to internal staff ?

If any of the answer is a No then it reduces the ROI to Organization, increases chances for Competitors to catch up or even a risk of a Data breach.


We assist Business Leaders and internal IT teams to reduce their time to build best in class Analytics. The data is sanitized and removed of actual details before our team works on it. This ensures only limited people have access to Business Data.

How can we help you?

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