Optimise 360

A strong leadership is no longer the only key element to the success of an Organization. There is a rising level of uncertainty due to new disruptive technologies, economic fluctuations and Geo-political risks. The leadership team are under increasing pressure to deliver.

Cost Cutting

The rising focus on cost and need for fast results leads to short-cuts like cost cutting measures. These include across the department budget cuts, head count cuts, reduction in marketing budgets etc.

While these are fairly easy to execute the benefits are superficial.   Few issues are listed below,

  • These are reactive activities like a crash diet – lose fast and gain fast
  • There are no learning for the management
  • Creates a culture of distrust among the staff
  • Top performers see this as a point to plan exit



Optimise 360

This is a shift in thinking when reacting to a crisis. It is a holistic approach to reduce cost with better team work and working on internal data to produce sustainable results.

Why Optimise 360 ?

Repetitive Process

It becomes part of the governance system of the Organization. This means it increases the likelihood of detecting issues early on and necessary changes become part of the strategy.

Identify Value Drivers

Value changes with time. There is a need to understand the changes and new value drivers of the Organization. Identifying areas generating value.

Empowerment Culture

Every challenge poses an opportunity to improve. Empowering the staff at all levels to take ownership and team work is the key. Listen and evaluate how to serve customers better to deliver the value.

Value Innovation

Necessity has driven most successful innovations. Create the necessity within the Organization to deliver innovation that drives true value to customer.

Organizational Layers

Optimizing the Organizational layers based on flow of value is another key success criteria. This brings the right balance of people and automation to deliver success. Develop the OKRs and KPIs to measure the progress.

Financial Analysis

Most cost reduction starts with the financial deliverable. The changes brought about are not sustainable and more cosmetic. The right approach involves a 360 degree organizational change.

Driving Agility!