A Company can come to a grinding halt if there is zero Cash in the bank. Sales is the engine bringing in the Cash. If you had two bad Sales quarters you need to look at the Marketing strategies. But if you have a bad year then you need too look at the Market.


360 View Of Sales

Today we need to see beyond the Sales numbers. We need to make sense of changing market and customer behavior. It is essential to understand deeper issues in Sales and Marketing strategies based on real data.

The 360 degree view helps us to see,

  • Start of Customer Journey in buying process
  • Why they are considering the product or service
  • Real reasons Leads were lost
  • Where Sales or Marketing need help to improve
  • Customer Success Management
  • Innovation


Hard Questions, Difficult Answers

The Market Leaders should be cautious about the “Nokia Effect” which can hide critical issues. Asking hard questions about – the current Sales process, Marketing strategies, data effectiveness and reliability etc. are very important especially among the leadership.

When we face the “inconvenient truth” and take action we are laying the foundation for a strong future.

CxM360 – Omnichannel

High performance Sales Teams, right Marketing strategies and understanding the Customer are key pillars to success. CxM360 helps put your entire Sales Process on Auto-Pilot. This means Sales Teams can spend less time on the system and more time with Customers. It enables you to engage with customer on multiple channels ensuring data is consistent and available.

It gathers continuous data and presents it for decision making at all levels. This empowers each member with right controls making delegation effective.

CxM360 - Finding Solutions To Sales Problems

Customer Journey

Why does a Customer choose us ?

Identify "Real" Sales Issues

Sales Teams are fighting in difficult markets. Many issues are more complex than what the Sales numbers show.

Empowerment Culture

Understanding real Sales issues and helping solve these creates a positive environment. Move away from a “hire and fire” culture.

Customer Success

The Customer Journey does not end with the Sale. Create Loyalty, Retention and Advocacy.

Sales on Auto-Pilot

Sales Force Automation with rules for teams, products\services, earnings, performance and more

Social Media Integration

CxM360 comes with powerful social media integration to all major platforms to manage Sales Campaigns, Leads from promotions, understand campaign performance etc

Why Organizations choose us

360 Degree View

The one system for managing Customers & Sales\Marketing needs

Close More Deals

Business Rules Engine enables in faster Sales outcomes

Customer Driven

Target,  Acquire, Retain and build a Brand Customer loves to talk about